Thursday, April 15, 2010

1986 - What happened to our waterslide park?

1986 - More teacher lay-offs

1986 - End of the Scarborough Drive-in

1986 - A Sheppard subway for Scarborough? - still waiting

1986 - an end to smoking in schools

1986 - The end of the Golden Mile plaza

1980 - Trudeau speaks at election rally

1980 - Terry Fox runs through Scarborough

1980 - First Cash-for-Life lottery ticket sold

1980 - 2 week visit by Dalai Lama

1980 - Bluffers Park taking shape

1973- Queen opens new Civic Centre

1973 - Scarbough Town Centre opens

1973- Project Noah - schools buy animals for new zoo

1973 - Tam Heather opens

1973 - Early plans for Malvern

1973 - One day teacher strike against Tom Wells

1973 - What is that ugly thing next to the 401?

1973 - GM van plant comes to Eglinton and Warden

1973 - Scarborough used to end at Port Union

1960 - Another outstanding Scarborough athlete

1960 - Nothing like those gym outfits

Monday, April 12, 2010

1960 - Building an A bomb shelter

1960 - Become a teacher for $3000 a year

In the second half of the 20th century Scarborough Ontario was a vibrant community with booming growth in it's neighbourhoods, businesses and schools. Here I will be posting newspaper articles from that era which reflect important events, significant plans for the Borough ( some of which never came to pass) and in particular things that were happening in the educational community. I hope that the selected articles will be of interest to not only former Scarburbanites ( or Scarberians - depending on your point of view ) but to anyone who lived in the Toronto area and can relate to the issues and events of those days.
Some of these were first posted on the Staff Room conference on TEL for Toronto District School Board employees. I hope that through Blogspot a wider audience will appreciate them.